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Why Quran

With or without the Code 19 miracle - the Quran already stands out. It is the only scripture that has remained fully intact and well-preserved since its revelation in 610 AD. This unique feature alone grants it the throne in today’s religious market. Almost every other scripture fails this key test. Given that it also claims to be the literal word of God, it can also be reliably examined for any divine elements. Surely if God truly is who He claims to be, namely omniscient and omnipotent, He should be able to give us ample proof.

Some Simple Reasons
  • It is the direct, verbatim word of God.

  • It is well intact and preserved.

  • It is final scripture sent to humanity.

  • Just by virtue of its words alone, billions have taken heed and develop strong convictions about God.

  • The book is neither time nor region bound; it uniquely speaks to every generation and every individual. Regardless of background, we learn the “key” for anyone to access the Quran is in fact sincerity (56:77-79).*

  • It has repeatedly found to contain textual pre-confirmation of scientific discoveries made centuries following its revelation, earning itself mass credibility towards many ‘intellectual’ truth-seekers.

  • The book is free of any nonsense or contradictions. This is especially significant in view of the ignorance and superstition prevalent during the time of its revelation.

  • Majority verses are extremely clear and to-the-point, largely due to the simplicity of the message itself. The extreme precise and exacting nature of the grammar system within Classical Arabic also makes it ideal for a universal religious text.**

  • The book is very consistent in tone and style. Because of this, tens of millions have been able to fully memorize the entirely of the text, word for word.

  • It proclaims profoundly simple & instinctive universal messages, such as:


the worship of God alone (1:5, 2:112, 4:36, 4:146, 6:162);

abandoning any idols (3:64, 5:76, 6:64, 6:151);

belief that God is doing everything (3:109, 4:126, 10:3, 10:61);

killing of the ego (2:54, 2:87, 5:30, 25:43, 45:23);

not blindly following our parents/ancestors (2:170, 5:104, 6:148, 7:173);

learning from mistakes of the past generations and reforming where necessary (4:133, 5:54, 6:6, 6:89, 6:133);

knowing that we will be tested distinguished from others (2:214, 3:142, 3:166, 3:186, 5:71, 7:168, 8:28);

being patient and to steadfastly persevere (2:45, 2:153, 2:177, 3:17, 8:46);

not following any religious laws outside what God revealed (3:94, 5:87, 6:114, 6:119, 6:148, 6:150-151, 7:32-33);

examining all words and following the best (39:18, 39:55);

not ignoring God’s divine signs and proofs (7:146, 25:73, 27:84, 74:16-37);

not getting stuck in small, irrelevant religious details (2:67-71, 5:101-102, 22:67);

not dividing into sects (6:159, 30:32, 42:14);

not making distinctions between any messengers (2:106, 2:285, 3:84);

not rushing into judgements (20:114);

not accepting any information without reasoning (17:36);

not following the crowd (6:115, 12:106)

…and so on.


*How to know if you are sincere: when you read the Quran, are you looking to confirm what you already believe or to what God is telling you?

**Arabic was the ideal language for God’s final scripture to have been revealed in. Many examples of its grammatical efficiency and excellence are provided in Appendix 4 in Quran: The Final Testament by Dr. Rashad Khalifa.

Listen to Quran Studies

The Submission server hosts weekly Quran Studies, open to all, every Sunday at 5:30 PM GMT. Each session lasts two hours: the first half is dedicated to reading and studying specific verses. The second half is open for questions and discussion on any verses or issues in the Quran.

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