Rashad Khalifa

Author, Ph.D. Biochemist, God's Messenger of the Covenant


Dr. Rashad Khalifa is an Egyptian-American biochemist who in Tucson, Arizona (USA). He is known for his early computerized analysis of the Quran which soon unveiled a miraculous and divine 19-based mathematical structure hidden in the Quran for 1,406 years.

Rashad Khalifa

Quran: The Final Testament

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Quran, Hadith, and Islam

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The Computer Speaks: God's Message To The World

One of the first books highlighting the mathematical discovery

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Submitters Perspectives (SP): monthly newsletters produced by God's Messenger of the Covenant, Dr. Rashad Khalifa, from 1985 to 1990.

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Who is Rashad Khalifa?

Rashad Khalifa was born in a traditional Muslim family in Cairo, Egypt on November 19, 1935. His father was a renowned leader of the Sufi sect of Islam. After receiving his honors degree at Ain Shams University, Cairo, he moved to the United States in 1959 to pursue a Master’s degree at the University of Arizona, followed by a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California, Riverside. His professional career included assignments with the United Nations, the public sector (e.g., State of Arizona) and the private sector (e.g., Monsanto), in positions related to his expertise in biochemistry, agriculture and horticultural science.

Dr. Rashad Khalifa was a naturalized American citizen. He lived in Tucson, Arizona with his wife of American origin and two children. Sometime in the dawn of January 31, 1990, Rashad Khalifa was martyred inside Masjid Tucson, which he had set up for the purpose of studying and spreading the true message of Submission to God (Islam, in Arabic).

In 1968, Rashad Khalifa realized that the existing English translations did not present the truthful message of God’s Final Testament, the Quran. For example, two of the most popular translators (Yusuf Ali and Marmaduke Pickthall), could not overcome their corrupted religious traditions when it came to the Quran’s great criterion dealing with the worship of God alone (39:45). This distortion of the truth prompted him to translate the Quran himself, at least for the sake of his children. (“Worship God alone” is the foundational theme of Islam.)

How did Rashad Khalifa discover Code 19?

While working on his translation, Rashad Khalifa also began to explore the significance of the mysterious alphabets that precede 29 chapters (Suras) of the Quran which remained unexplained till date. He decided to enter the Quran into a computer and analyze its text to see if there were any mathematical correlations among these Quranic initials.

What emerged is that the Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon never found in any human authored book. Every element of the Quran is mathematically composed, from the frequency of letters and words, unique spellings, number of words from the same root etc.; consistently conforming to a common dominator—the number 19. This superhuman mathematical coding of the Quran, far beyond human ability to create or duplicate, incontrovertibly establishes its Divine authorship. By 1974, it was clearly evident that this was an actual ‘miracle of God,’ just like the previous miracles of God, providing proof of His existence and Kingship over the universe.

How did Rashad Khalifa die?

He was stabbed to death by Muslim traditionalists. Ironically, they chose the worst date possible for the murder (31 January 1990) - or rather, God's plan turned out to be even greater.

It was later discovered that this date, when put together (31011990) is a multiple of 19 (19 x 1632210).

Even more, the number 1632210 gets factored into exactly 1,230 x 1,327. This adds an entirely new miraculous parameter to his death. It turns out if you count the number of verses (from the initialed chapters, so 2, 3, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 ... then 19:1 - 19:1 is precisely the 1,230th verse, and then 19:98 (the last verse of chapter 19) is precisely the 1,327th verse. In other words, his death date somehow conveniently factors into the exact positions of the beginning and end of chapter 19?

Even deeper: from 19 November 1935 (birth) to 30 January 1990 (death), he would have lived 19,798 (19 x 1,042) days on earth. And we find out - chapter 19 starts with 5 initials (K-H-Y-E-S) which occur 798 times. So, he's lived a number of days that coincidentally correspond with chapter 19 again, and this time, the exact occurrence of the 5 initials?

Furthermore, recently discovered, verse 19:19 has a gematrical value of 1990 and 31 letters. Rashad died on the 31st day of 1990 (31/01/1990).

[3:145] No one dies except by GOD's leave, at a predetermined time.

Did Rashad Khalifa claim to be a prophet?

Rashad Khalifa never claimed to be a prophet, nor was he a prophet. A Prophet (Nabi) is a messenger who delivers a scripture from God. The Quran, God’s final scripture to mankind, was brought by Prophet Muhammad—which definitely makes him the last and final prophet (Quran 33:40). However, while he was the final prophet, the Quran does not say that Muhammad was the last messenger. That is because we are told in 3:81 that after all scriptures were delivered, God will send a messenger (Rasool) to confirm an existing scripture. Therefore, a messenger (rasool) has to come after Muhammad (nabi) to confirm the Quran.

How do I verify Rashad Khalifa's identity as God's Messenger of the Covenant?

The best approach to confirm Rashad Khalifa’s identity as God’s Messenger of the Covenant is to first decide if another messenger will come after Muhammad. If anyone is not satisfied that God will send another messenger after Muhammad, then it won’t make any difference whoever proclaims to be a messenger of God. However, once a person accepts that God a messenger will come after Muhammad, then he can proceed to examine the logical and mathematical evidence establishing Rashad Khalifa as God’s Messenger of the Covenant.

Since it is God’s system to send messengers to communicate specific information to humans, it is good to keep an open mind to avoid making any wrong decisions. In the Quran we see that humans have always been hesitant to accept a new messenger when he came to them. The Jews refused to accept Jesus when he came to them and the Christians did the same with Muhammad (40:34). The Muslims particularly, find it quite difficult to accept a new messenger because of their strong programming that no more messengers will come after Muhammad. Also, there is a tendency among people to attach a ‘mystique and heavenly’ persona to all messengers, whereas in reality, all messengers are just like everyone else having families, work responsibilities, contemporary lifestyles, weaknesses, etc. People must abandon their preset notions and come to terms with the reality of the expectations God has from the human race.

Did Rashad Khalifa start a new sect of Islam?

In the Quran, God prohibits the formation of sects or innovating things in His name (6:159, 30:32, 6:138). Rashad Khalifa did not say or do anything that could constitute starting a new sect or religion. Whatever he talked about was already there in the Quran. His job was to point out the truth from the Quran which was kept hidden by religious leaders and scholars out of their own ignorance or for their own convenience. How can there be sects in Islam when everything is already so clearly defined in the Quran? For example, the Salat (Contact) Prayer is a mathematically coded format that must be done exactly as decreed by God for it to be accepted by Him. When the method is already defined and non-changeable, how can there be a sectarian version of it?

The problem with the Muslim world is that by following their own opinions instead of the Quran, they have created innumerable sects for themselves. In the bargain, they are not able to agree on almost any religious matter, nor are they able to identify themselves as just ‘Muslims,’ unless they also mention which sect of Islam they belong to. The irony of this all is that anyone who asks to follow the exact path decreed by God in the Quran is also accused of starting a new sect—which is what has happened in the case of Rashad Khalifa!

What are some things Rashad Khalifa is known for?

Among many:

  • Being the first native Arab to translate the Quran into modern-English

  • Discovering the Quran's mathematical Code, ("Code 19") as prophesized in chapter 74

  • Drawing attention to an entirely new faculty of research in Quran (mathematics)

  • Being the prophesized Messenger of the Covanent (3:81)

  • Exposing the 2 false verses injected into the Quran (see Appendix 24)

  • Advocating the worship of God alone

  • Advocating the upholding of God's word alone (6:38, 6:114, 12:111)

  • Calling on Muslims to abandon all manmade literature and innovations (hadith, sunna, etc) (7:185, 12:111, 39:23)

  • Calling on Muslims to correct their prayers by mentioning God alone (72:17, 20:14)

  • Calling for Muslims to correct their Shahada in line with Quran (3:18)

  • Calling for Muslims to not idolize the prophet & create distinctions between God's messengers (2:136, 2:285)

  • Reminding Muslims that Muhammed's sole mission was delivering Quran (3:20, 5:48-50, 5:92, 5:99, 6:19, 13:40, 16:35, 16:82, 24:54, 29:18, 42:48, 64:12)

  • Reminding Muslims that all religious practices came from Abraham and not Muhammed (2:130, 135; 3:95; 4:125; 6:161; 12:37-38; 16:123; 22:78; see Appendix 9 of Quran: The Final Testament)

  • Calling for Muslims to correct the Zakat, to be given 'on the day of harvest' (6:141) rather than once a year on savings (Appendix 15)

  • Unveiling the end of the world as prophesized in 72:26-27 (also see 20:15)

  • Bringing to light the Quran's crucial "age of responsibility" (40 years) mentioned in 46:15 (Appendix 32)

What are the top holdbacks for many accepting Rashad's message?

The main controversies surrounding this Code (which has held back many from even taking a glance at it) are in our observation as follows. 

  • Dr. Rashad Khalifa, claimed to be a messenger of God. This possibility of a messenger after Muhammed is not well founded in the traditional understanding of Islam.

  • He claims two false verses were injected into the Quran (9:128-129), in that they ‘violate’ the mathematical code in many ways, while also being linguistic and historical outliers to the rest of the Quran. This idea of course defies the traditional understanding the Quranic preservation.

  • He claims that traditionalists have in some way or another corrupted nearly every pillar of Islam (shahada, prayer, ablution, zakat, hajj) i.e. that in some form they violate the Quran as practiced today, and must be “purified”. This is clearly a shock and a dilemma to many.

  • He claims that the only source of religious law should be the Quran. He says that the attributions to the prophet found in hadith books are (I quote him) “satanic innovations” per 6:112 and 25:31, and that they “defy the divine assertions of the Quran being complete, fully detailed, and the only source of religious guidance”, “blaspheme against the prophet”, “create false doctrines based on superstition, ignorance, and indefensible nonsensical traditions.” These of course are harsh words to hear and did not help in his approval from the majority. He seems to have left no compromise or a “middle-ground” towards this principle, deterring many away.

  • He claims certain divinely inspired understandings based on the Quran from God, examples being:

    • Anyone who dies under the age of 40 goes to heaven (46:15)

    • The world precisely ends in the year 2280 (Appendix 25)

    • The splitting of the moon was a prophecy that occurred in 1969 when humans went back and brought back pieces of the moon (54:1-2)

    • God never ordered Abraham kill his son, and that it was a dream inspired by Satan (37:105)

    • Satan is in fact appointed as a ‘temporary god’ (“khalifa”) in this limited, tiny dominion (earth) in response to challenging God’s absolute authority (2:30) i.e. for God to truly expose his blasphemous claim

    • Certain verses in the Quran specifically refer to him, for example 72:19-28, 81:15-29 and many more