The Submission Archive: March 2022


  • 500+ members - Submission server now eligible for Discord Partner

  • Rarely discussed - Code 19 proves: “God is doing everything"

  • Latest conspiracy - r/Quraniyoon mod says “Jum’uah (Friday) is not Friday”

  • Analysis - why Quranist movements never succeed?

  • Circumcision debate continues - more questions raised

  • Interesting Quranic links with primes & composites

  • New Submission Archives videos highlight critic debating the mathematical miracle

  • New QuranTalk Podcast episodes: Gender Babel, The Parent's Responsibility


3 March: The Submission Discord server hits 500+ members.

It's been just over 3 months since the server had launched (1 December). We know that when a place is set up dedicated to the worship of GOD alone, it is always guaranteed to grow. The server now fully meets the criteria to apply to become a Discord Partner.



4 March: Highlighting a major lesson from Code 19 many forget - it proves that God is doing everything.

No matter what you believe, this Sermon is worth watching that discusses a core concept of Submission, that God is doing everything.

An easy way to loose your right to proclaim that you believe “GOD is doing everything” is to call the Quran’s mathematical miracle all a “coincidence”. Just like Muhammed’s critics found it easier to attribute the Quran‘s verses to him, a similar case exists with those witnessing the Quran’s actual miracle, claiming that it was Rashad’s “manipulation” - the options are few: either he “tricked” God and unlocked the greatest prophecy in history from a 14-century old text, or the easier explanation: GOD is doing everything. Everything is under His control & sight.

Most Believers Are Destined For Hell*

[23:84] Say, "To whom belongs the earth and everyone on it, if you know?"

[23:85] They will say, "To GOD." Say, "Why then do you not take heed?"

*23:84-89 Belief in God is valid only if one recognizes God's qualities, such as the fact that God controls everything (8:17). Believers who do not know God are not really believers. Most believers nullify their belief by idolizing such powerless idols as the prophets and saints (6:106).


The miracle of the Quran was kept hidden until the year 1974, the year Code 19 was discovered. Note:

1. The number 19, mentioned only once in the Quran, appears in chapter 74 (74:30).

2. Between 610 (Quran revelation) and 1974 (Code 19 discovery) is precisely 19 x 74 (1,406) lunar years.*

*A lunar year, having 354 days (a 10 times more accurate measure of time) is essentially 97% of the commonly known Gregorian/solar year (354/365). The difference between (610 x 0.97) and (1974 x 0.97) is 1,406 (19 x 74) years. Also note that God swears by the “moon” right after mentioning and describing 19 (74:32).

3. The first two verses of chapter 74 read: “O you hidden secret - come out and warn” (يا أيها المدثر قم فأنذر). The gematrical value of this statement is 1974.*

*GV of 74:1-2 =10+1+1+10+5+1+1+30+40+4+500+200+100+40+80+1+50+700+200 = 1974. Note: these 2 verses also contains 19 letters in total.

4. Verse 41:53 of the Quran, uniquely promising “increased proofs”, contains 19 words and 74 letters.*

*Click here for the word and letter count of 41:53.

This is now an era where we recognize God’s proofs are in fact limitless as to what parameters they can encompass. The timing of this discovery illustrates a fascinating example of God divinely pre-dictating the timing of this certain major event, further proving the repeated Quranic assertions of how God truly is ‘doing everything’ (3:109, 4:126, 8:17, 10:3, 10:61…).

1974 also conveniently aligns with the rise of the computer generation. Thinking of it, it was very fine tuned for a generation that was still at least 2 decades before the internet revolution, but advanced enough to still decrypt it to a great extent with the computer technology existent at the time. The strict circumstances under which this miracle was unveiled is truly worth a deep study of its own.

Image Credits: QuranTalk



5 March: The Light Close By and The Bee bring to light some interesting mathematical facts. Below is a summary of some of the facts.

  • 9:127 (the proven end of chapter 9) is the 1362nd numbered verse. 1362 is the 1143rd composite. Remarkably, 1143 is 9x127.

  • Similarly, verse 19:98 (last verse of chapter 19) is the 2346th numbered verse. 2346 is the 1998th composite.

  • Additionally, the 19th permutation of ‘2346’ is 6234. 6234 is the total numbered verses in the Quran.

  • The prime factors of 2346 are 2,3, 17, 23. Respectively, these are the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 9th prime. The 19th permutation of 1279 is 9127.

  • As mentioned above, 19:98 is the 2346th verse in the numbered-verse index. If we include the 17 unnumbered Basmalah’s up to 19:98, it is actually the 2363rd verse. This difference of 17 is interesting in light of the following:

  • We pray 17 total units per day

  • 2363 is 139 x 17 - the product of two primes. These two numbers are linked to Sura 1 (The Key), which is read once every unit of the prayer. 139 is the number of letters in Sura 1, and 17 is the number of times we read this Sura.

  • Furthermore, 139 is prime, and the sum of digits (1+3+9=13) is also prime, making it a special prime called 'additive prime' - a prime whose sum of digits is also prime. It turns out, 139 is exactly the 19th additive prime!

For similar findings, read “The Math Miracle - Intended or Coincidence” - a brief document by Mike Jackson which covers many Quranic links to prime & composite numbers in a very concise and understandable manner.

Sceptics have often made the claim the math miracle is a coincidence because all you need is to write enough sentences until the frequency of letters totals a multiple, any multiple, of 19. This begs the question, ‘are there any other elements or components of the math structure that are fixed and unchangeable [not arbitrarily adjusted by the investigator ‘making’ connections] and directly linked to the number '19' in a way that makes it apparent the claim of chance coincidence is incorrect?’ The answer is a definite ‘yes’ with prime and composite numbers."



16 March: In the previous issue, we did not show the other side challenging the validity of circumcision.

Here were a few opposing points by shared by The Bee along with JeffT:

  1. Quran supersedes previous scripture (5:48). Scouring the Bible looking for commandments not mentioned in the Quran is not a viable model.

  2. Commands to change God's creation come from Satan (4:119).

  3. Circumcision has nothing to do with spirituality, connecting with God, commemorating God or even keeping the commandments. Nobody even ever thinks about missing foreskin in their pants on a regular basis (except maybe people suffering from complications of a circumcision gone wrong). It is just some decision parents made for non-consenting babies long ago, and long forgotten since.

  4. Circumcision is more like baptism in Catholicism. Parents doing things to babies who have no clue what is going on, nor willingly "obeying" a command. This is one of those cases, where somebody else (parents / guardians) is bearing the burden of carrying out the commandment. Which goes against the individual responsibility and freedom of choice that is the hallmark of Quranic commandments.

qlabs: I am personally far more comfortable in just not holding a strong position on a topic like this. Both sides require a level of cognitive dissonance: you can either be enforcing something not commanded by the Quran without a level of extrapolation, or you could attribute an extremely successful distortion of the religion to Satan, which the Quran failed to directly address, implying you somehow “figured it out” ahead of God's word in the Quran.

The points above rely on some emotional appeal, which I would think is very easy for such a topic. The “changing of God’s creation” or “similarity to baptism” does not hold much weight considering that there are more than just religious reasons to circumcise: the medical benefits are well established. Atheists, who could care less about Satan or religion do it as well. Of course, we do actually care about these aspects, and thus it becomes worth questioning if we truly believe Satan “got away” inflicting billions with an “evil” practice, all while being attributed to Abraham... and the Quran containing zero verses addressing perhaps the most mass distortion in history against every monotheistic religion.

Though this is where my difference with the other side comes in - as much as I agree it is a valid, medically encouraged, and a historically sound Abrahamic practice, I still feel hesitant to declare the practice as absolutely “binding” on everyone purely in light of the Quran alone. How much of our salvation could possibly lie a practice never directly mentioned in the Quran? Not much, I would think so. Nonetheless, outside of the religious domain, I would encourage it & remain open to hearing any new evidence from either sides.



7 March: A moderator of the r/Quraniyoon (Quranism) subreddit proposes some interesting conspiracies. Here are a few of them:

  • Jum'uah (Friday) is not Friday

  • Jesus' miraculous birth was a hoax (Jesus had a father)

  • All miracles have to be ‘logical’ and have a ‘rational explanation’

  • Only one meaning of a word can be derived from different words with the same root

  • Seyaam is not fasting - rather, ‘abstaining from evil’

  • Salat is not a ritual

  • Hajj is not pilgrimage

  • Mu'min means 'someone who feels safe'

Dude was inspired to create the following meme:

Ramadan is beginning, so it is worth relaying this comment:

The Bee: The "Quraniyoon" ask "when is Ramadan”. They think it violates God's claim that the Quran is complete and fully detailed to already know when Ramadan is. This is Satan's desperate trick to try to force God's servants from fasting in the month. These are the "clear Arabic" words that they have to reinvent in order to try this.

  • Ramadan (name of Arabic month)

  • Shahr (Arabic word for month)

  • Ayyam (Arabic word for days)

  • Siyam (Arabic word for fast)

They will dig into extra-Quranic lexicons to dig through variants of the root word to reinvent the meanings of common Arabic words. They think that "fully detailed" means that Arabic language needs to be reinvented. Quick refresher of the conspiracist methodology:

Reinvent Arabic.

Reinvent Salah.

Reinvent Rakat.

Reinvent Qiyam

Reinvent Ruku

Reinvent Sujud

Reinvent Ramadan.

Reinvent Fasting.

Reinvent Qibla.

Reinvent Masjidil Haram.

Reinvent Jumu'ah.

Reinvent Hajj.

Reinvent Mecca.

Reinvent Khinzeer.

Reinvent Khamr.

Reinvent Zina.

Reinvent Muhammad.

(not to mention Earth is Flat)



15 March: Another “Quran alone” server sprouts up on the basis of believing in the bear minimum - “God” and “Last Day”. The question is, do such open ended movements like this ever succeed on a mass scale?

qlabs: A quick reflection of all “Quran alone” and “Quranist” movements shows that they almost never succeed. The most basic, minimum uniting factor for any religious “movement” should be the ability to congregate together. Interestingly, it was also what Rashad pointed out as a major distinguishing factor:

While the principle of "Quran alone" is valid, when there is little common basis beyond that such as unified practices, such movements are bound to eventually collapse. There are already more than 3 "Quran alone" servers that I have been in & out of, with each war with each other, long before the creation of the Submission server. Within just 2 months, the Submission server despite having more distinct and precise beliefs rapidly surpassed all their member counts.

The effect of having such an open field is self-destructing. If two members both claiming to follow Quran alone can express almost entirely different religions, new members are immediately deterred away. This also relates to a marketing concept top companies have been realizing - how consumers are only repelled when too many 'options' are presented in front of them. There is an equally negative effect on the existent members. Many leave, become frustrated, or as we have seen create their own server, adding their own twist. The rational & civil ones who see the bigger problem tend to generally loose faith in any possible believer unity, becoming more pessimistic. This causes them to take a more individualist approach, isolating themselves from any other groups.

navidfa: In addition, the Quranist approach is generally flawed: a Quranist treats the Quran as if it has fallen from outer space and has no context, history, or functions beyond what is explicitly described and stated in the text. They take any Arabic word and arbitrarily select meanings from the list of meanings derived from the triliteral root. The end result of such an approach is obviously chaos. This flawed approach causes Quranists to differ widely on every topic. This is why Quranists have no congregation and can never have a congregation. No two Quranists would agree on even the most basic practices and forms of worship.

Obviously, there can be differences of opinion among Submitters. However, in comparison to Quranists, the differences are usually quite minute. One additional aspect when it comes to Submitters is that they almost always accept Code 19 as God’s mathematical miracle stated in the Quran in 74:31. The follow up result of this acceptance is to accept the fact that God does not reveal His ultimate miracle to a liar after 1406 years. Therefore, Dr. Rashad Khalifa, cannot be a liar and a cheat. This understanding and process helps facilitate the understanding of many Quranic topics for Submitters. Dr. Khalifa is thus shown to be among “those well founded in knowledge” in 3:7. Such a person does not misguide and deceive.

Dude: The predominant mistake that I see Quranists making in their understanding of the Quran is that they try to understand the Quran as if it was revealed in a vacuum. Almost as if the Quran had fallen from the sky and has no context, history, or functions beyond what is explicitly described and stated in the text. Then based on this underlying premise they attempt to utilize Classical Arabic dictionaries, like Lanes Lexicon, and arbitrarily select interpretations from any of the list of derivative meanings that can be found for the triliteral root of a word. The end result of such an approach is obviously chaos as any root can have a multitude of derivate meanings, but the bigger question is how is the word used in the Quran itself. Some even go so far as to say that any of the Arabic letters that contain dots can be substituted for the equivalent other letters if this will help them extricate a certain meaning they were hoping to obtain, since the oldest manuscripts of the Quran don’t possess any dots or vowels.

If I was to make a prediction my guess is that the Quranist movement and the general idea that people are going to continue to attempt to understand the Quran for themselves will continue gaining traction and fracturing the stronghold that Sunnis and Shias have historically had on the religion. Also, despite my disagreements with many Quranists, or even more generally with people’s of difference of understandings, I am not dismissing them as long as their worship and devotion is dedicated to God alone. The Quran warns us that if we do this then we will be considered transgressors.

[6:52] And do not dismiss those who implore their Lord day and night, devoting themselves to Him alone. You are not responsible for their reckoning, nor are they responsible for your reckoning. If you dismiss them, you will be a transgressor.

Read: Islamic Reformation



23 March: Aside from the weekly Quran studies, a few older debate & discussion highlights can be watched on the Submission Archives channel.

Did Rashad Khalifa "Accidentally" Discover Code 19? (14m)

"Code 19 Isn't Perfect" - Critic Challenges The Miracle (17m)

Why Do Disbelievers Call The Proof "Magic"? (3m)

Why Was 9:128-129 Rejected As False Verses? (11m)

How Far Does Code 19 Encompass The Quran? (5m)

Do We 'Need' Code 19 For Salvation? (3m)

Problems With Quranism's 'Vocal Minority' - Conspiracies & Anti Spiritualism (5m)

God willing, a lot more interesting topics to unpack over the weeks.








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