The Submission Archive: January 2022


  • Launch of “Submission Archives” — a new initiative to document the rising movement

  • Submission Server surpasses 361 (19x19) members

  • Now streaming Submission Podcasts 24/7

  • Confirming key historical reference in Appendix 24

  • Grand unity of Submitters around the world taking place

  • Strange dispute over Adam’s prophethood — a major lesson to learn from & appreciate the value of a clarifying messenger

  • New QuranTalk Podcast Episodes: Religious Hedonism, Islamic Reformation, Unanswerable Questions, The Ark For Our Generation, Simple Miraculous Blessings

  • QuranicLabs publishes all available Dr. Rashad Khalifa sermons & video-programs with cleaner audio & video

  • New exclusive Discord bot: “Submission” — key functions include loading Quranic verses, links to appendices, and information about the mysterious initials

  • Navid calls for a public debate over dietary law


By GOD’s grace, this movement is taking off and we owe to newcomers a very responsible, welcoming leadership that strives to ensure unity, love, courtesy, peace, and mutual respect (3:2, 61:4, 3:110, 60:8–9). One of the mods, namely, Harris, proposed the concept of documenting this movement from now via monthly letters. Given this new year, a rising movement, and the lack of a direction across the globe, we believe this may mark a great initiative moving forwards. God willing, these monthly letters should aim to represent the collective insights of Submitters across the world. Anyone who shares the same passion towards this message is welcome to have their ideas represented. The goal in mind is to promote a constant flow of new information, research, and work documented for us and future generations to appreciate.


Presently, we are sitting on top of an untapped pile of gold. With access to the first-ever physical evidence for GOD, it shocks us to hear that 99% of the world is yet to hear about this “most important” news in history. This server marks a new revival of the Submission movement following the discovery of the Quran’s mathematical code by Dr. Rashad Khalifa in 1974. For the past 47 years, the movement has been at a slow pace. With such information putting us lightyears ahead of the rest of the world, we bear a major responsibility to stand up for the message it comes with, while collectively striving towards the single, central theme of submission to God ALONE. As always, failure to do so is to our own detriment. GOD can always substitute us with much better, much more competent, far more responsible people (4:133, 7:95, 21:11, 35:16, 47:38, 76:28). This is our chance.

Taking heed to this fact of reality, we know represent the first revivalist movement after almost half a decade, now aiming to finally tap into this gold for once and spread this good news to all corners of the earth. While several communities have formed and contributed to this cause, they have mostly remained relatively slow-going, isolated, and inwards. The unique aspect of this server is that while Submission officially and always remains the dominant narrative, every other belief is welcome and open to challenge. There is no ‘echo chamber’ of ideas here. This is a universal server supporting a universal message.

We have also conducted very successful Quran Studies, which by the grace of GOD, even at such an early stage of growth, has attained an average of more than 20 attendees per session. These sessions take place every Sunday and are also posted on the “Submission Archives” channel for others to watch. Everyone is invited to listen and engage in discussions.


Though we hate abusing coincidences, it was found out, weeks later, that this server was without any forethought or pre-intention, created on the 19th of November. The blatant 19 aside, this is a very special date for two additional reasons. First, it is the only “19th” day of the year additionally divisible by 19 (being the 323rd day of the year; 323 = 19x17). Secondly, it also represents Rashad’s birth date. Could these be a strange coincidence? Who knows.


Navid: An active member on the server by the name of Zylura brought to attention a key reference from Appendix 24, 'Tampering with the Word of God' that states the following:

(Appendix 24)

The question raised was in regards to the authenticity of this quote. Is this a real reference or did he just make it up? Unfortunately, no immediate source is able to confirm this. Following some hours of searching later, and the aid of some native speakers, we were finally able to locate the exact same, verbatim quote Rashad had referenced above (The Perfect Guide To The Sciences of the Quran / الإتقان في علوم القرآن) by Sunni-Egyptian Imam Jalal-al-Din `Abd al-Rahman al-Suyuti (849-911 AH / 1445-1505 AD).

On Page 130 of the book, we successfully located the exact quote:


Navid: Today, the 15th January, marked an unprecedented step towards a true, global unification of Submitters.

We witnessed representatives from Submitter communities from London, Toronto, Istanbul, New York, Campbell, Utah, and many more, all get together on the server’s main voice channel and discuss the importance of breaking all the barriers preventing us from uniting and promoting GOD’s message. In my nearly 20 years of being part of various Submitter communities, I have never seen anything like this. This is a major blessing and indication of correct approach while not compromising our core values, rites, rituals, practices, and beliefs.


16 January: Within just 46 days since the server’s launch, namely, on the 16th of January, we have surpassed 361 (19x19) members. Praise GOD!


qlabs: There will always be traps and grey areas when approaching God’s message. As Submitters and in light of the Quran, we learn that they serve a major function of bringing out our true convictions (29:2-3). GOD ultimately wants the best believers - those who counter every trap and obstacle that comes their way and submit regardless.

Navid recently brought this up and it hit me that we often forget how Satan is actively betting on many of us to fail. He challenges God, “these people would probably disbelieve in you if you tested them in such and such way” - and often, we prove him right. We walk right into the flimsiest of traps and easily drop out from God’s kingdom. From my observation some of the top tests we including myself face are the following:

  • Will we, in spite of GOD’s assurances, pursue convenient lies, quick answers, and easy shortcuts? (2:41; 6:112-114)

  • Will we try to transgress GOD’s system and overstate beyond what GOD has revealed? (5:101)

  • Will we accept only partially what GOD has revealed, and disregard what we do not like? (15:91)

  • Will we act responsibly and unite in GOD’s cause, or will we become tribal-like, create sects, and conceal the message? (2:159)

  • Will we entertain, elevate, or side with those who mock GOD and His messengers? (6:68, 9:16, 60:1)

  • Will we find no hesitance in accusing GOD’s messengers of fabricating lies against GOD? (42:24)

  • Will we confound the truth with falsehood? (2:42)

  • Will we take GOD’s proofs in vain, not uniting against the spread of falsehood? (18:56)

  • Will we unite with the believers for the sake of GOD, in spite of personal grievances? (4:139)

  • Will we boycott the places which commemorate the name of GOD alone, and ‘contribute to their desertion’? (2:114)

  • Will we lie, slander, and assume worst of someone who we know believes and implores GOD day and night, devoting themselves to Him alone? (6:52)


QuranTalk: Adam was given specific words from God, this makes Adam a ‘nabi’ (prophet). Then he was asked to disseminate the information he was given to the angels and thus confirming what God taught him, which would make him a ‘rasul’ (messenger). Then additionally, we see that after Satan caused Adam to slip which caused his temporary exile to Earth where God gave Adam again “specific words” (2:37) so that he can be redeemed. Since this was not ‘ayat’, ‘ruh’, or ‘wahi’, but instead specific words “kalamat” from God therefore again this would signify that Adam was a prophet (nabi) - read more at

qlabs: While the Quran already makes this matter clear, Rashad further confirms this fact, practically ending the debate. He explains: “Adam was the first prophet. He delivered a new message that was not in existence before” - see Audio 10 (26m) and Audio 47 (37m).

Oddly, we note a strange convenience arising after dismissing Adam’s prophethood: the Quran would mention “19” and not 20 prophets by name. The question here is, to make the Code 19 miracle 0.001% more miraculous, is it truly worth:

  • throwing Adam under the bus, denying that he was even a messenger, let alone a prophet?

  • redefining what it means to be a ‘prophet’ according to the Quran?

  • dismissing the messenger’s repeated confirmation of this fact?

  • having no hesitance in casually accusing the messenger of fabricating lies against God? (see 42:24)

It is a mercy from GOD that messengers serve the function of settling and ending such disputes, providing us with the ultimate, ‘final solution’ to our problems - all while uniting us back towards the path of GOD. We should find comfort, not disdain, in these solutions. While there may be different opinions, we weren’t sent to this world to have a portfolio of correct opinions on every little issue. A key quality of submitters is that they ‘hear and obey’ - humbly submitting in any circumstance. If God Himself commands us to, without any hesitance, accept the teachings delivered by His messengers – then surely we cannot be more godly than God and add additional clauses and exceptions to this divine decree. See end of Appendix 2:

MERCY FROM GOD [21:107] When the believers are faced with a problem, they develop a number of possible solutions, and this invariably leads to considerable bickering, disunity, and disarray. We learn from 2:151, 3:164, and 21:107 that it is but mercy from God that He sends to us messengers to provide the final solutions to our problems. We learn from 42:51 that God sends His messengers to communicate with us, and to disseminate new information. Hence the strong injunction in 4:65, 80 to accept, without the slightest hesitation, the teachings delivered to us through God’s messengers.


25 January: Due to a lack of developer support with the previous Submission-based bot, we have now developed and introduced our own bot, “Submission” into the Submission Discord Server.

It serves three main functions currently:

- Loading Quran verses

- Links to the Appendices

- Information about the Mysterious Initials

God willing, as the server keeps growing, we will be releasing newer functions and commands.


28 January: Navid calls for a public debate over dietary law.

Navid Fa: Peace be upon you, I write this post with the intention of peace, unity, and an extension of an olive branch. There appears to be an ongoing discussion about the issue of dietary law. Many Submitters around the world are seeking guidance on this topic.

I believe the best way to settle this matter once and for all is for there to be a public debate in an efficient manner. A verbal debate is appropriate in this circumstance (comment sections of Facebook posts are not a debate nor efficient). This will help allow people to see both sides for them to make a decision. We should not be fearful to debate other people. The messenger of the covenant did not shy away from debating idol worshipers, disbelievers, or anyone else. We see the same example in the Quran with Noah, Abraham, Moses etc

Verses 16:125 & 29:46 are appropriate here. Moses went to Pharaoh on his own to debate. I am willing to come on my own to debate anyone who is willing to present their side. This shall be done using kindness, logic, and amicable interactions, God willing.

If I am disbeliever in God and promoting falsehood, any righteous person would not hesitate to take the opportunity to disprove me publicly and settle the matter for all to see.

[8:8] For He has decreed that the truth shall prevail, and the falsehood shall vanish, in spite of the evildoers.

Therefore, anyone who believes they have certainty, knowledge, or confidence in this topic, let them come forth and present their evidence.

31 January: While this post has come across many who hold strong positions on this topic, none have yet come out and accepted this invitation for a public debate.






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